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To prepare her role in the French film adaptation of Posy Simmonds' graphic novels "Gemma Bovery" directed by Anne Fontaine, Gemma Arterton wanted to learn French as fast as possible.

Posy Simmonds

She chose Dialogue-France to "break through the first door" of learning French

Her testimonial

"Ready to take on the French world"

"I have just completed my ten day course (super-intensive!).
I have enjoyed every minute of it.
Coming with only a handful of words and phrases, I definitely feel I am much better equipped now.
I feel I have broken through the first (and most challenging door) of learning French.
Armed with my two Phrases-clés CD's, I am ready to take on the world!

"Totally refreshing approach"

"I found Bernard's approach to teaching totally refreshing.
He works organically, allowing for an abundance of conversation (my prerogative) and focussing on giving me phrases that I can really utilise in my own life.
His patience is astounding (!!!) and never wains.
He obviously enjoys what he does and this really rubbed off on me.
We had lots of fun and laughs during the week.
I feel like this is just the beginning of our teaching relationship: Bernard has assured me that I can call him any time with questions, or even just for a chat (in French, of course)."

"Family warmth and generosity"

As for my stay at chez Henusse - well! I was absolutely charmed the moment I stepped into their gorgeous country cottage.
I felt at home immediately and was warmly welcomed by the beautiful Veronique and their talented son Theo.
The Immersion Course was made so memorable by the warmth and generosity I felt from this wonderful family.

"And the home-made food... Mon Dieu."

Gemma Arterton

French at Dialogue-France

" One of the best French immersion courses"

The Wall Street Journal

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