French listening comprehension


You will improve your listening comprehension in a few days !!!

It is not easy to communicate if you can hardly understand what other people are saying.

We had an American student, who had just spent 4 months in a French family. She told us "I've been learning French for years. I can read a French novel without dictionary, but when a child asks me a question, I don't understand any word!".

To achieve quick, tangible results in this area, we have put into place a unique French listening comprehension method.

Your ear -- despite every effort on your part -- does not naturally hear all the sounds of the French language.
If you cannot even hear the sounds in the first place, you cannot be expected to reproduce them.

In only one week we can change your ear. (Don't worry, there is no pain, no actual surgery !).
The fact is, you have already had a lifetime of ear training in your own language that tends to get in the way of your ability to hear in French.

With our method, after a few hours, you will be a little child again.
Your ears will once again have that child-like ability to distinguish between French words, such as, "le vin", "le vent", and "levons" that previously sounded identical to your ears, but that have obvious differences to the trained ear or to the native speaker.

At DialoguE you will taste sounds with the same pleasure as you taste wines.

In a few days of complete immersion, you will hear and feel the difference in your oral comprehension of the French language.

" One of the best French immersion courses"

The Wall Street Journal

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