One-to-one French course


One-to-one French courses only (no group courses)

At DialoguE, all French lessons are one-to-one and fully adapted to your needs and your learning style.

Traci Parent-Nelson interviews Bernard Henusse about his method and philosophy of teaching

Every programme is different and unique for every student

One-to-one French course  One-to-one course

The initial evaluation, which is carried out with you, allows us to create your course and to tailor make it to your wishes (traveling in France, learning French culture, preparing an exam in French, working in France, communicating with French speaking relatives, understanding French movies, buying a house in France, relocating to France...) .

At the end of your stay, you will leave with your own fully personalized CD, where your trainers will have recorded the sentences, which are relevant for you. You will then be able to listen to them at home and to assimilate them rapidly.

Courses tailor made to fit your needs and interests

Here is what DialoguE can offer you:

Gemma Arterton is an English actress and had to play the first role in a French film.
In addition to the language she needed to interact with the French film crew and to give interviews in French, we worked together on the pronunciation of her text in the film.

had been put in charge of a company in France and was a complete beginner in French.
In addition to the basic language he needed to learn, we helped him to develop vocabulary and expressions that would allow him to both establish his authority and motivate his team.

Peter is a French Cinema enthusiast, and in charge of a cinema club in his town in the United States.
With him, we worked on arthouse French films such as ‘Rouge’ and ‘Un cœur en hiver’, and together analyzed what the dialogues were revealing about the personalities of the characters.

Laura is a Marketing Director.
With her, we worked on marketing vocabulary and helped her to express herself in French regarding her renovation and communication strategies for some French shops.

Mike wanted to become a beekeeper during his retirement in France. 
We arranged for him to meet a beekeeper and ask him all his questions.  A few months later, he sent us his first pot of honey from his own bee hives.

Robert is in charge of his company’s telephone after-sales services for their French clients.
With him, we worked on the specialized vocabulary of his field.  We showed him how French clients express their satisfaction or dissatisfaction, and how he could manage conflicts.  We also simulated telephone conversations with different possible types of clients.

Tomos leads a team in a company in France.
We helped him to prepare a presentation of his factory that he had to deliver to his new colleagues in French.  We also looked at his company-specific vocabulary and the type of language he needed to motivate his team.

Anita could speak French very well, but had many problems writing correctly in French.
We worked on grammar and spelling with her, and helped her to understand the rules of French spelling.  Her results improved considerably.

Aryan needed to take an important exam at college.
We worked a lot on pronunciation and intonation with him.  He did very well in his exam, and his marks improved considerably.

Would many other schools be able to offer you the same?

Courses which enable you to be who you are, in French

Each person is different. Some like expressing their opinion, others like telling about what they have done or seen, other are more interested in feelings... Some are extrovert or rather discreet.

With generic French, a conversation tends to be about simple topics like the weather or small anecdotes. It is hardly a part of meaningful conversation - whether they are meant for business or personal interest.

We developp with you the vocabulary and the expressions which fit your personality and we allow you to be yourself in French.

Why one-to-one immersion courses ? Why waste time and money ?

Why waste time and money trying to learn French in a classroom full of other foreign learners ?

Why suffer the pressure and discomfort of group courses when you can be the one and only privileged learner in a relaxed one-to-one setting ?

Why learn vocabulary dictated by a course book that is totally irrelevant to your interests and needs ?

Learning French quick and well - group courses or one-to-one lessons ?

Nobody likes to waste time and money.
When you decide to improve your communication skills in the French language, you want solutions that allow you to learn French quick and well.

Most language schools offer group programmes.
They can go from a huge group of twenty people, or even more, to a small group of two people.

Advantages of Dialogue's one-to-one French immersion

You progress at a spectacular rate

In one-on-one lessons, you progress at your own speed. In a group, the teacher has to adapt to the speed of the slowest participant.

Speaking time is all yours

You save a lot of time in private lessons. You speak six times more than in a group that consists of six participants, and twice as much as you would in a small group of two people.

You enjoy the best quality-price ratio

A private programme does not cost six times as much as a group programme with six participants, not even twice as much, while the amount of progress you make is considerably more.

You choose the subjects

In DialoguE’s private lessons, you choose the subject of your lessons. It is not imposed on you by the trainer or by another participant.

You do not need to adapt yourself

You do not need to adapt to your trainer but your trainer will adapt to you and your learning style. Nor do you have to adapt to the group and its participants, or to the teaching method.

You improve your pronunciation rapidly

In a mixed group of different nationalities, the pronunciation corrections for an Asian student can hardly be of any use to an American student, and vice-versa.

No exposure to mistakes

In group lessons, you are exposed to all the mistakes made by the other participants.
Moreover, if the trainer does not systematically correct all mistakes, you do not know what is right and what is wrong.
In one-to-one courses, you do not hear anything but correct sentences of a native speaker.

Constant interest

In group lessons, questions asked by other participants are not necessarily of interest to you.

No opportunity for disruption

In a group, there are many opportunities for disruption.

In one-to-one courses, there are no such opportunities.
You are in charge of your lesson, if you wish to be. You manage it according to your objectives and you converse with your trainer as an equal.
You greatly compensate for your linguistic short-comings with your experience and your knowledge of your own subject.

" One of the best French immersion courses"

The Wall Street Journal

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