Moving to France


What an exciting project!

And, if you were comfortable in French?

Wouldn’t you significantly increase your chances of success?

Our Total Immersion French courses are exclusively one-to-one and tailor-made to meet your needs, objectives and difficulties in relation to your project of moving to France or buying a house in France.
Our training focuses on listening comprehension, pronunciation and oral expression.

After just one week of immersion at DialoguE-France, you will be much more at ease when communicating with native speakers of French and getting things done in France.

Yes, but...

Everyone speaks English

That is unfortunately not the case, particularly in administrative services.  Craftsmen do not generally speak English either.
In the countryside and in villages, very few people speak English, especially among the elderly.
Furthermore, the English taught in French schools is mainly focused on grammar and very little on listening comprehension.

Therefore, chances are that you will not be understood.

I will automatically learn French in the environment by speaking to my neighbours

Only young children can pick up another language by simply talking to other children.
For adults, it is a lot more difficult, mainly because there are certain sounds in French that do not exist in English. Since your ears blocked out sounds that do not exist in English when you were a teenager, you will not be able to hear or reproduce these sounds.

A large part of French will therefore be ‘inaudible’ to you.

I will attend French courses for English speakers

In some regions, the local administration organizes French lessons for English speakers.
These are group lessons, where there usually are many participants, and inevitably, more English will be spoken than French.

These courses tend to become, above all, opportunities for native speakers of English to get together

A DialoguE course is expensive

Moving to France and buying a house requires several hundreds of thousands of Euros.
A week of total immersion at DialoguE would represent 1% to 2% of your budget.

Is that too much to invest to make your relocation to France a complete success?

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" One of the best French immersion courses"

The Wall Street Journal

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